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The Best Eyelash Remover for Quick Extension Removal


Our eyelash remover cream has been a favorite of lash artists for years. Now it’s even better! Our low-odor and low-fume formula has a delicate peach scent.

The new formulation remains on the lashes and extensions better than ever before so it doesn’t run into the client’s eyes. It gently breaks down the eyelash extension glue so you can remove eyelash extensions easily and without causing clients pain every time.


How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Removing extensions is easy with eslashes eyelash remover. Just follow these simple steps to remove eyelash extensions and be sure that clients keep their eyes closed at all times.

  • Apply an under-eye gel pad to each eye to protect the skin.
  • Use a micro-swab brush to apply the eyelash remover at the base of the extension, avoiding the eyelid. Avoid double-dipping and use a fresh swab every time.
  • Leave eyelash remover on the lashes for 45-90 seconds to loosen the glue.
  • Gently slide the extensions off using two foam brushes. If the glue is stubborn, you may need to leave the remover on for up to 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove all excess eyelash remover cream using a clean, dry cotton pad.
  • Once all cream is removed, wash the eye area with eslashes gentle lash cleanser.
  • Rinse and pat dry.
  • Comb lashes.

Reasons to Use Our Eyelash Remover Cream

Lots of eyelash extension products claim to be the best. Here’s why the eslashes Lash Extension


Remover Cream should be in your lash kit:

  • Safe – Removes extensions without damaging the natural lashes.
  • Improved Formula – Thick cream won’t drip or run.
  • Fresh Scent – Eyelash remover is low-fume and smells great!
  • Precise – Can be used for spot removal or to remove the whole set.


Remove eyelash extensions like a pro with eslashes!

Eyelash Remover Cream

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