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What Is an Eyelash Extension Primer?

An eyelash extension primer plays a major role in the effectiveness of your client’s eyelash extensions. All of our eyelash extension primers remove dirt, oil and grease from your natural lashes to provide the strongest hold possible.


Is Primer Necessary for Lash Extensions?

Primer is a step you do not want to skip, as it helps greatly with retention. You will likely notice a difference in the life of your extensions without using a professional primer. A professional lash extension primer increases the retention of your lashes and creates a strong hold by removing excess dirt and oil — so your lashes stay just as sassy and lifelike as you are!


How Do You Apply Eyelash Primer for Lash Extensions?


We often get the question, “How do you use eyelash extension primer?” The answer is simple really. We recommend starting with clean, makeup-free eyelashes. Clean your client’s lashes using an oil-free lash cleanser. Once dry, use two eyelash brushes to apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer to both sides of the natural lashes — the top and bottom. Then, slowly glide the primer over the eyelashes, covering all areas. When completely dry, eyelashes are ready for the fun part — adding the extensions! You can also apply primer to the base of your lash extensions to increase retention even further. Make sure the primer is fully dry before applying.

Eyelash Extension Primer

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